Open Shutters Iraq

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published: May 2015

On 3 September 2015 we screened ‘Open Shutters Iraq’. The film documents a remarkable photography project; a group of women, from five cities in Iraq. They learn to take photographs, and at the same time, present their ‘life maps’ to each other detailing the ups and downs, forwards and reverses of their lives.

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By the time she set up Oxymoron Films in 1993, Maysoon Pachachi had worked as an editor for many years on TV dramas and documentaries. It was the Gulf War of 1991, which galvanised her, like so many other Iraqis living in exile around the world.

Every night on TV there was the spectacle of ‘smart bombs’ blowing up bridges and the green tracery of anti-aircraft fire over Baghdad’s skies.

In the thousands of hours of media coverage, you rarely saw one ordinary Iraqi person or heard anything about who they were or what was happening to them; as if the whole country was empty and there was only Saddam Hussein.

The film screening was followed with a Q&A.

Event hosted by The Drum, Birmingham.

See details of the filmmaker here

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