IAP Death in Custody Parliamentary Log

Police Watchsource: The IAP
published: December 2014

The Independent Advisory Panel (IAP) on Deaths in Custody Parliamentary Log provides a summary of all Parliamentary business concerning deaths in state custody since 1 April 2009. The log includes information on Parliamentary Questions and Debates, and Written Ministerial Statements from the UK Parliament and devolved assemblies.

About The Independent Advisory Panel:

The IAP plays an important role in helping to shape government policy in this area through the provision of independent advice and expertise to the Ministerial Board on Deaths in Custody. The remit of the Council covers deaths which occur in prisons, in or following police custody, immigration detention, the deaths of residents of approved premises and the deaths of those detained under the Mental Health Act (MHA) in hospital.

The principles and lessons learned as part of this work will also apply to the deaths of those detained under the Mental Capacity Act in hospital. Read more here >

Download the latest log here (PDF format) >

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