Who Killed Colin Roach?

Who Killed Colin Roachprovided by: 4WardEverUK
published: January 2015

On Thursday 7 May 2015 we screened Isaac Julien’s short film which sets the Roach Family’s personal tragedy in the context of the political campaign around Colin’s death, and builds the case for an independent inquiry from some powerful interviews, particularly with Mrs Roach – in which the broader analysis of law, police and state take shape.

The film is strongest when it expresses the mood of the campaign at the street level and depicts black anger against the climate of oppression in which the theory that Colin was murdered by ‘trigger-happy Babylon’ became plausible.

Download the flyer here >

Intimidatory police tactics against the campaign demonstrations have been choreographed to the militant beat of the Mad Professor’s dub score, and the unity of black politics and culture is vividly conveyed by the poets and musicians who perform at a benefit for the campaign.

The film screening was followed with a Q&A.

Event hosted by The Drum, Birmingham.

See details of the filmmaker here

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