Love, Honour, Disobey

Southall Black Sistersprovided by: 4WardEverUK
published: January 2015

On Thursday 5 March 2015 we screened a powerful film from Southall Black Sisters telling the story of domestic violence in Britain’s black and ethnic minority communities and interweaves powerful testimony at the heart of the debate.

Guest Speakers: Gita Sahgal and Marcia Lewinson.

Told through the eyes of Southall Black Sisters, the film interweaves personal testimony from abused women with a forceful analysis of the issues that make domestic violence an even more terrible experience for women from minority communities.

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Getting to the heart of the multicultural debate it looks at all forms of domestic violence ranging from honour killings to forced marriages.

And it examines the role of immigration controls, culturally sensitive policing, religious fundamentalism and the attitudes of minority communities themselves in continuing to endanger the lives and well-being of many women.

The film screening was followed with a Q&A with Gita Sahgal and Marcia Lewinson from local charity, WAITS.

Event hosted by The Drum, Birmingham.

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