The allegations against MI6 are serious – so why aren’t they front page news?

Houses of Parliamentsource:
published: 16 December 2014

The growing row over British security services’ possible involvement in the CIA torture programme is starting to fill a few column inches. Slowly but surely, parliamentarians are feeling the pressure to investigate it fully.

What’s surprising is that it’s this story which has put the security services in the papers. It’s a speck on the horizon compared to what MI6 are alleged to have been up to in 2014. There have been several scandals which have barely been explored by the British media. It raises the question – are our spooks’ transgressions only newsworthy when editors can’t help but cover them?

Al Jazeera’s investigative unit broadcast an extraordinary investigation last week speaking to several Kenyan policemen involved in an extra-judicial killing programme that has seen hundreds of Muslim leaders executed in the streets, without trial.

MI6 is allegedly providing intelligence leads, training and funding, according to documents acquired by Al Jazeera.

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