Migrant Media presents : ‘BURN’ (now online)

Burn – by Migrant Mediaprovided by: Migrant Media
published: November 2014

Migrant Media has now released the film ‘Burn’ online. “Collective memory is the fire that never dies. All power to the people”.

In August 2011 Britain was on fire – what was the spark that led to the crisis? When Mark Duggan was shot by the metropolitan police the scene was set for a confrontation but it was not the first time.

In this grass-roots documentary we hear why Tottenham burned, show how the flames spread and look at the deep-rooted reasons that have set fires blazing in the last three decades.

Four people in this small community, all black and working class, have died at the hands of the police and this film retraces their story.

Powerful witness testimonies are balanced against police reaction to the violence that exploded and the film offers a fresh political analysis of the cause of the uprising.

See the film here >

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