Global police brutality cases and statistics not reported in entirety

Policeman & Truncheonsource: Viral Global News
published: 10 October 2014

One of the most complicated statistics to find and locate are the numbers of police brutality. While there is organizational or media research pertaining to a net of locality, there is a not a system that corresponds for general review.

Certainly, any one individual can locate crimes by citizens across the world but when the stats of locating police brutality are being sought there is a detrimental lack of information.

In 2007 an independent study was conducted on the Chicago police department. It showed over 100,000 complaints against police officers were made over a seven year span. Yet, only 19 officers received disciplinary action.

Between a code of silence, and police agencies refusing to report cases of disciplinary actions, many in societies across the globe ask a paramount question: “who is watching over the watchers?”

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