‘My life was taken away for 6 years’ says Kamal

Domiciliary Prisonsource: Refugee Council
published: 27 August 2014

Today, a new report has been published which highlights the need for unaccompanied asylum seeking children to be given guardians. Guardians would be able to guide children through the extremely complex and often hostile asylum system and would have legal powers to act in the child’s best interest.

Kamal arrived in the UK when he was just 14. Wrongly assessed as an adult, he was subsequently detained and suffered from poor legal advice. This is his story.

When I arrived I came to a port, I didn’t even know the word asylum. I was only 14 and I didn’t know about my rights. I was hungry and tired, I was even thirsty; but nobody gave me any drink or said I could rest. They didn’t look after me at all; they just asked me questions and then used it against me. I was confused and a child.

I should have been looked after from the start. They should have let me rest for a day or two before they interviewed me. They shouldn’t assume everyone knows about asylum and lawyers and rights – I didn’t know anything. They took my money and my fingerprints then detained me.

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