‘War Matters’

Temp – War Matters Poster (crop1)provided by: 4WardEverUK
published: September 2014

On Thursday 22 January 2015 we explored the history of Iraq with the film ‘War Matters.’ It is a 50 minute documentary chronicling 10 years of anti-war resistance and protest in the city of London.

The film follows the story of Brian Haw, a veteran peace campaigner who occupied Parliament Square from 2001 up to his death in 2011. The film also explores the other ways in which the wars with Iraq and Afghanistan have been used to corrode our democratic rights in the UK, as filming in public spaces is banned and it is made illegal to protest in London without police permission, and reveals a glimpse into the largest arms fair in world to explore the UK’s role in the global arms market.

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This hard-hitting documentary asks where does democracy end and tyranny begin. People are dying across the Middle East fighting for democracy while in the UK protesters are feeling their democratic rights slipping away.

President Obama has become the 4th successive American president to announce the bombing of Iraq – this time under the guise of humanitarian intervention. Britain’s government also voted on 26 October 2014 to back the newest US-led invasion of Iraq.

Event hosted by The Drum, Birmingham.

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