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In collaboration with The Drum Arts Centre; 4WardEverUK launched its monthly film club in November 2014, bringing powerful independent films to Birmingham. We screen socially conscious cinema, hosting debates with key figures campaigning for change, raising awareness and calling people to action. The project ran from November 2014 to August 2017.

Kwame Nkrumah said;
“We face neither East nor West; We face forward. All men of goodwill, organize, organize, organize. We prefer self-government in danger, to servitude in tranquility. Forward ever, backward never”.

We see these films as an important avenue to raise crucial civil society concerns, initiate conversations and dialogue, and evolve public discourse around them. Our films all illustrate a version of history that those in power seek to erase or keep hidden from view.

4WardEver UK is a global campaign collective and the film programme will explore the continuum of violence – to link domestic state violence to our government’s imperial foreign policy. We have strong collaborations with various filmmakers, and artists writing progressive music and supporting human rights and social justice. These films will open debate, interrogate power and invite attendees to be part of change and resistance.

We launched the Film Club with a new film, ‘BURN’, from the documentary filmmaker Ken Fero – on Thursday 13 November 2014. Ken is a multi-award winning radical documentary filmmaker and activist. He is Senior Lecturer in Media Production at Coventry University and Visiting Research Fellow at Goldsmith’s College.

Come join the debates, meet inspiring people and be part of a movement for change. You will find more information on our 4WardEver Film Club Facebook page

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