The Justice Gap reveals ‘Shocking Britain’: the controversial roll-out of the Taser

Drawing Taser Gunby: The Justice Gap
published: March 2014

In an interview with The Justice Gap, the national lead for the police force on armed policing, raised the prospect of every officer being kitted out with a Taser weapon. ‘If you talk to the average police officer on the ground they will say: “We want all to be issued with Taser for our own protection, and to protect the public”,’ said Simon Chesterman, deputy chief constable of West Mercia Police.

Shocking Britain’ is a documentary made by Matt Spencer for

As of last year, there were 14,700 officers trained to use Taser in the UK – see Alastair Logan OBE (Tasers: the ‘non-lethal’ weapon reckoned to have caused more than 500 deaths).As Andy Harding, the Association of Chief Police Officers’ lead on Tasers, pointed out in the documentary, eight out of 10 times a Taser is ‘used’ it brings a resolution to a situation without the need for the device being fired.

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