Could Jimmy Mubenga’s death have been prevented?

Jimmy Mubengaoriginally by: IRR News
published: 13 February 2014

As we await the publication of a new Home Office manual on deportations, IRR News has gleaned evidence from a number of Freedom of Information requests suggesting that the death of Jimmy Mubenga during deportation could have been prevented.

Jimmy Mubenga died on 12 October 2010. A number of Freedom of Information requests into the government’s use of force during deportations have revealed that recommendations made two years earlier in a 2008 report, commissioned by the UK Border Agency and entitled Project Status Report:

UKBA Restraint on Aeroplanes, were never implemented. The recommendations highlighted specific dangers associated with particular restraint techniques on aircraft.

The report states: ‘Following on from the Medical advice received from experts in restraint related deaths in custody, HMPS [HM Prison Service] have strictly followed the advice that restraints in a seated position offer an increased risk of restraint related medical difficulties and that the use of the head support position increases the risk. We advise that all seated restraints remove the use of head support from the front (recommendation 9).’

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