Why so many find the Mark Duggan verdict hard to accept

Juryoriginally by: The Observer
published: 19 January 2014

You learn as a barrister that it is usually very unwise to second-guess a jury. However unpalatable or surprising a verdict might be, you respect a jury’s conclusions and you move on. But, in the days following the verdict of lawful killing in the Mark Duggan inquest, two people have explained to me in compelling terms why they find that so difficult in this case.

The first was a community activist who grew up in Tottenham in the 1970s and 80s: Stafford Scott. The second was a Jamaican woman who came to this country in the 1960s and, with her English husband, brought up two mixed-race sons in London: my mother. Their concerns were slightly different.

Scott set out why he believed the jury got it wrong. In contrast, my mother helped me understand why, for people like her, it is equally worrying if the jury got it right.

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