Month: January 2014

Why so many find the Mark Duggan verdict hard to accept

You learn as a barrister that it is usually very unwise to second-guess a jury. However unpalatable or surprising a verdict might be, you respect a jury’s conclusions and you move on. But, in the days following the verdict of lawful killing in the Mark Duggan inquest, two people have explained to me in compelling terms why they find that so difficult in this case.

Ken Fero

Liberating media : Ken Fero

The power of film to document stories, inspire action and agitate for change has run hand in hand with revolutionary cells, social struggles and mass movements. One of the critical points of our current situation is a rupture within our communities that prevents the support of independent media producers.

Thomas Orchard

Family of man who died in custody meet health minister

The family of an Exeter man who died after being restrained in police custody have met with the minister with responsibility for mental health services. Thomas Orchard’s family joined those of three other young men who died following restraint by police for what was described as a “highly significant meeting” with Norman Lamb.

4WardEver… 8 years on the campaign trail

In 2014 4WardEver Campaign UK celebrates 8 years of its work to provide a one-stop-resource for profiles, news, and event details, useful information, appeals, and more in relation to deaths and abuse whilst in custody; including the death penalty, other injustices and human rights abuses in the United Kingdom and internationally.