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Welfare Poets in the house
The Welfare Poets

by 4WardEverUK
published: 28 March 2013

Since its development in 2006 4WardEverUK has maintained its primary function, ethos and mission, which is to provide news, resources and information relating to deaths in custody, and exposing the injustices of capital punishment, torture and state terror by governments worldwide.

We have been involved in, organised and managed many events over the years in collaboration with families, campaign groups and civil liberty groups both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Various Artistes Profiles
This section contains information and track samples of various artists writing progressive music and supporting human rights and social justice. Includes Benjamin Zephaniah, The Tribunes, Tippa Naphtali, The Welfare Poets, INJUSTICE CD and Capital ‘X’ Punishment.

Video & Image Galleries
These are a collection of featured events, individual cases, image galleries, human rights artistes and activists, music for justice and peace, or snippets of documentary features.

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‘Keep up the struggle – wake up and live’

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