Month: March 2013

4WardEver Sounds 4 Justice

Since its development in 2004 4WardEver has maintained its primary function and ethos, to provide news and information relating to deaths in custody, and exposing the injustices of capital punishment, torture and state terror.

Gilly Mundy

6th anniversary of Gilly Mundy’s death

17 March 2013 marked six years since the death of one of the stalwarts of the campaign movement against deaths in police custody and abuse by police and prison officers in the United Kingdom. Gilly saved three lives and restored the sight of two others when he donated his organs after his death in March 2007.

Deaths in custody in England & Wales 2012

The year was defined by three spikes in self-inflicted deaths: January saw the highest number, followed by July. And despite a decline through the Autumn, the number of self-inflicted deaths rose sharply in December. This is a common pattern as the festive period can be a challenging and difficult time for vulnerable people. January was notable too for the self-inflicted deaths of two children in prison custody – Jake Hardy, 17, and 15 year old Alex Kelly.

Hugo Chavez - image credit

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dies

A deeply divided Venezuela is mourning its late leader and preparing to pick a new president to replace him. Venezuelan officials called for peace and unity after President Hugo Chavez’s death on Tuesday, emphasizing in state television broadcasts that all branches of the government and the military were standing together.

Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Police with weapons of war too often kill

Nine-year-old Aiyana Jones was sleeping on the couch next to her grandmother when a SWAT team threw a “flashbang” through the window of her Detroit, Michigan home. The “flashbang” – a stun grenade originally developed for wartime raids – immediately set fire to Aiyana’s blanket.