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David Oluwale was a Nigerian who arrived in England as a stowaway in 1949. He was briefly imprisoned in Leeds, where he subsequently settled and obtained work. During the letter part of the 1950s he was placed in a mental hospital near Leeds. In the late 1960s he was released, and became a vagrant. In 1969 he was discovered drowned in the Leeds canal. In 1971 two Leeds police officers were imprisoned for assaulting Mr Oluwale.

This tragic story has now been documented in two books (Caryl Phillips Foreigners – Three English Lives (2007), Kester Aspden Nationality: Wog – the Hounding of David Oluwale (2007)), two plays (Jeremy Sandford Smiling David (1974), Oladipo Agboluaje The Hounding of David Oluwale (2009) and notable poems by Ian Duhig (in Pandorama (2010).

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