Thousands download stop and search app

Police Officers On Dutyoriginally by: The Voice
published: 20 August 2012

More than 2,500 people have so far downloaded an app that gives people useful information about Stop and Search, its creators said. Aaron Sonson, 25, Gregory Paxczowski, 21 and Satwant Singh Kenth, 27, launched the free Stop and Search phone app in 2010 with an aim of making the controversial policing tactic easier to understand.

“We have had over 2,500 downloads since we launched it on Blackberry a couple of months ago and we are now finishing an iPhone version, as well as re-launching it on Android,” Sonson said.

The three men said the app offers people an arena in which concerns can be voiced and hopefully help improve relations between the police and the community.

They are hoping the app will help to create a clearer idea about correct Stop and Search procedures as well as allow the community to share stories about their Stop and Search experiences.

The app will also allow people to see the location of where others have been stopped and searched by police, they said.

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