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It’s an unfortunate fact that shameful business practices, poor customer service and rip offs are still taking place in the UK everyday and rather than to just complain to the businesses who are creating these situations, it’s time to name and shame them universally and warn others of such bad practices and force these businesses to ‘fix-up’!

The Occupied Times
The Occupied Times of London was founded in October 2011 during the first week of the occupation of St Paul’s. The first issue of the OT came out on the 24th of October, just nine days after the occupation began with a print run of 2000 copies of 12 A4 pages.

Prison Watch Network
A weblog dedicated to gathering documentation directly from prisoners, from media and other sources about the state of prisons and prisoners’ – human rights abuses. In cooperation with our other weblogs of the Prison Watch Network. URL: Prisonwatchnetwork.org.

Deighton Pierce Glynn (Law Firm)
The firm started in May 2012, from the merger of two of the top rated firms in London – Deighton Guedalla and Pierce Glynn. We have brought a wide range of expertise into one firm. We believe that our clients will benefit from having access to specialists in different areas of law in one firm . We also believe that individual solicitors can achieve more for their clients by working alongside specialists in complementary areas of law.

Counselling Directory
“Just a few years back at the start of the 21st century, looking for information about counselling and trying to find a qualified practitioner was no easy task – we know this because it happened to a close friend of ours. Watching our friend struggle to find the information they were looking for when they were in desperate need of emotional support got us thinking that there was a real need for a service that brought together all of the information needed to help individuals to find a suitable counsellor or psychotherapist in their local area.”

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