Campaign 4 Justice 4 Dorian Robert Mackie

Dorian Robert Mackie (new pic2)

Dorian died after being taken to a NHS MH hospital against his wishes. There has still not been a comprehensive police investigation into his death in ‘suspicious circumstances’.


Statement from Dorian’s Mother:

Dorian was born free and equal in dignity and rights but in the last week of his life he was hounded, terrorized, tortured and taken by British government police, working in collaboration with NHS staff. He did not survive many hours of their ‘custody and treatment’ in the locked hospital mental health system.

My beautiful, innocent and defenceless son Dorian was ‘discovered’ on the floor of their NHS hospital room by a member of staff beginning the morning shift at 07:00 hrs on 25.08.08. Immediately the alarm was raised although by this time Dorian had been dead for many hours.

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