Month: February 2012

Wandsworth Prison

Death in prison custody 2011 published

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has announced that there were 57 apparent self-inflicted deaths among prisoners in England and Wales during 2011. Crispin Blunt, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Prisons and Probation said: ’Every death in prison is a tragedy, and affects families, staff and other prisoners deeply.’

IAP publish report on 2nd family listening day

The Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody (IAP) has published a report on its second family listening day held in September 2011. The event was organised on behalf of the IAP by INQUEST following an open procurement exercise. It focused on bereaved families whose relatives died whilst detained under the Mental Health Act.

Feeling passionately about custody deaths

Hundreds of people have died in custody in Britain over the last 30+ years. A disproportionate number of these were African-Caribbean men. Between 1969 and 1999 over one thousand people died in police custody alone, not counting deaths in prison and psychiatric institutions. No one has ever been convicted for any of these deaths.

On The Web (Issue 21)

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Christopher Alder

Second funeral held for Christopher Alder

The funeral of a man whose body was discovered 11 years after his family thought they had buried him is understood to have been held. Christopher Alder’s body was discovered in a Hull mortuary in November 2011. South Yorkshire Police is investigating the circumstances that led to another body, thought to be that of Grace Kamara, being buried in his grave at the city’s Northern Cemetery.

Tippa Naphtali - Mikey Powell Campaign/4WardEver

UFFC discuss custody deaths on BBC West Midlands topical news show

Tippa Naphtali of the United Families & Friends Campaign (UFFC) spoke on behalf of families all over the country when he was invited onto the Joe Aldred Show, a popular current affairs programme produced by BBC West Midlands. Tippa outlined a critical historical starting point in the history of custody deaths starting with that of David Oluwale a Nigerian vagrant persecuted by police for a number of years.