NYPD officers shot and killed a black man in his own home

armed police all credits: COLORLINES
published: 13th January 2012

Details about NYPD Officers shooting an African-American male in his home Thursday still remain unclear but neighbors claim the victim had been innocent of any wrongdoing. Police say they arrived outside the home of 26-year old, Dwayne Browne after several 911 calls were made by a woman reporting a “robbery in progress.”

Family members say Browne was upstairs listening to music, when he went outside to check on a possible break-in after seeing two men running from the residence from his window upstairs.

Details are still developing but the New York Times’ City Room blog reports the latest:

Charles Barron, a city councilman, who was speaking at the scene on Friday morning, said people had gone into Mr. Browne’s house “to do some harm,” just before the shooting.

But Mr. Browne’s role in the events and his actions when officers responded to the scene remained murky.

A law enforcement official said that uniformed officers from the 75th Precinct had responded to the address for a call of a “home invasion.”

The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation was continuing, said that at one point, two officers opened fire. Afterward, the official said, investigators recovered drugs and a scale. The official also said a gun – possibly belonging to the dead man – was recovered at the location.

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