Celebs and politican’s rally to stop Troy Davis execution

originally by: Storify
published: 13th September 2011

The scheduled execution of Troy Davis, despite severe doubts about his guilt, has inspired opposition to his death sentence from a wide variety of prominent peopleThree Nobel Peace Prize laureates (including former President Jimmy Carter  and Archbishop Desmond Tutu) have called for clemency in this case, as has the PopeRecently, four dozen Members of Congress weighed in as well.

Figures who are pro death penalty have added their voices in support of clemency.  A former Governor of Texas, Mark White, who oversaw 19 executions, has written a letter, as has Larry Thompson, the former Deputy Attorney General under John Ashcroft. Norman Fletcher, a former Georgia Supreme Court Justice who once voted to uphold Troy Davis’ conviction, now believes he should be spared from execution, as does William Sessions, a former Director of the FBI.

And Bob Barr, the former Georgia Congressman who helped write the Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty act (AEDPA, the law that restricts the appeals process in death penalty cases) also agrees that executing Troy Davis would be wrong.  He said so just yesterday on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show.

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