Month: September 2011

Pilkington deaths: no charges against police

Leicestershire Police announce that they will bring no charges against police officers in relation to their conduct leading up to the tragic deaths of Fiona Pilkington and Francecca Hardwick. Their misconduct investigation, which was recommended by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, has concluded with charges being “unproven” against four officers.

IPCC publishes first part of ‘Corruption in the Police Service in England and Wales’ Report

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has published the first part of its report regarding corruption in the police service. The report, which was requested by the Home Secretary earlier this summer, outlines the various aspects of behaviour by police officers and staff that can be considered as corrupt. It also has information about the number of referrals the IPCC receives and examples of some corruption cases the organisation has investigated.

IPCC takes over Powell family van complaint investigation

The IPPC are to independently investigate a complaint by Claris Powell, made following the jury’s verdict at the Inquest into the death of her son, Mikey, in a police van on the way to a police station. The IPCC made this decision on 27 May 2011, after Claris Powell threatened to judicially review their decision to allow West Midlands Police themselves to investigate the complaint against their own officers.

Troy Davis

A Life in the Balance : Troy Davis

Troy Davis was convicted of shooting and murdering a police officer in Savannah, Georgia, despite glaring holes in the prosecutions arguments. He is now on death row, with an execution date as early as September 11th. He is one of thousands who face execution for crimes they may not have committed.