Smiley Culture dies during police raid

Smiley Cultureoriginally by: OBV
16th March 2011

The sudden death of UK reggae icon Smiley Culture during a police raid by the Metropolitan Police Serious and Organised Crime Squad has sent shockwaves through the UK urban music scene and black communities.

Questions are being raised within Black communities in London over reports that the former singer ‘killed himself’.

There is a growing consensus that the reggae star may have been involved in a struggle with police officers that may have contributed to the stars untimely death.

Met Officers aided by Surrey officers raided the home of Smiley Culture, in Warlingham Surrey, early yesterday morning. At this stage it’s not clear what the reason for the raid was or indeed what happened once the police arrived. What is known is that within 35 minutes of the police arriving Smiley Culture was dead. The police version of events was that Smiley had “stabbed himself to death” whilst in police custody.

The case has been referred to the Independent Police Compliant Commission who is now conducting an independent investigation.

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Reggae star Smiley Culture dead
15th March 2011

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