The serious organised crime and police act 2005 (SOCPA), was designed to rid parliament square of veteran peace activist Brian Haw.. he’s still there, and many others have fought the law in imaginative and sometimes comic ways. this thought-provoking and hard-hitting documentary tells the story.

SOCPA (Serious Organised Crime and Police Act) was a law introduced to stop protest near Parliament. Designed to get rid of 6-year peace protester Brian Haw, so far it has failed.


More about the film…
socpa – the movie is an important new film about the ‘serious organised crime and police act’ which requires notice of any demonstration within 1km of parliament, and allows the police to impose conditions, either before or on the day of the demo. Visit the website >

Repeal laws to restrict protest and free assembly in the ‘designated area’ around Parliament
In order to hold a demonstration near Parliament the law says that 6 days notice must be given to the Metropolitan Commissioner (or 24 hours if 6 days was not ‘reasonably practicable’). He must then allow the demonstration but may impose conditions upon it. The conditions can be changed without notice on the day by any senior police officer.
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