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Thanks to our dedicated volunteer team and input from other parties, we have added new case profiles to the website.

Our broad purpose is to provide a one-stop-resource for profiles, news, and event details, useful information, appeals, and more in relation to deaths and abuse whilst in custody; including the death penalty, other injustices and human rights abuses in the UK and internationally.

Please Note: Not all cases listed here occurred recently. We are continuously adding to profiles featured on this website.

Byron Case
On the morning of June 11, 2001, on a quiet suburban Kansas City street, 22-year-old Byron Case was dragged from his bed by a tactical police unit. He did not know it at the time, but he was being arrested for murder. Led to a waiting Sheriff’s car in handcuffs, the only reply he got to his repeated questions was stern silence.


Erik Scott
The fatal police shooting of 38-year-old Erik Scott took place on the 10th July 2010 outside his local superstore. Scott was a 1994 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He served as an Army tank platoon leader and company staff officer; obtained a Masters degree in Business Administration and enjoyed a successful career. His family dropped their lawsuit in 2012.


Gautam Majumdar
On June 5th 2008, Mr Gautam Majumdar was given a custodial sentence of seven and a half years and confiscation proceedings totalling £572,815 for conspiracy to defraud. His co-defendants, two other senior executives at RBG Resources, were sentenced to nine and a half years and eight and a half years with separate confiscation proceedings initiated against them.


Jeff Wood
Jeff Wood was sentenced to death in 1998 for his role in the murder of Kris Keeran, a gas station attendant who was killed during a 1996 robbery. But Wood did not kill Keeran. Danny Reneau, Wood’s former roommate, was convicted of shooting Keeran between the eyes during the robbery in January 1996. Reneau was executed in 2002. Wood’s case gained notoriety when family, friends and death penalty abolitionists grouped together to protest his execution.


John Bowden
John was arrested in 1980 for murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1992, after years of brutality and repression in prison, he managed to escape and was on the run from the police for over a year. Here he talks about various aspects of being inside, including the reasons why he committed murder and his subsequent politicisation.


Kirpal Rahel
An inquest has concluded that a psychiatric patient at Hillingdon hospital died after suffering a severe reaction to a potent psychotic drug. Kirpal Rahel was a 42 year old Father of two. He was also a Cambridge graduate and military history Lecturer at both Richmond College and Hampton Palace. On the 21st July 2005 he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act and admitted to the Crane Ward located at Hillingdon Hospital.


Martin Middleton
Martin Middleton, aged 23, was threatening to kill himself when the police were called to his flat in the Cross Gates area of Leeds. They arrested and detained him for his own safety under the Mental Health Act, but an hour later he was released into the community. The following day, 24th March 2004, he was tragically found hanged at his flat.


Olaseni Lewis
The family of a Kingston University student who died at a psychiatric hospital in Beckenham following voluntary admission, has called for the Independent Police Complaints Commission to investigate the circumstances into his death. Olaseni was taken by ambulance to Mayday Hospital where brain stem death was confirmed following tests on 3 and 4 September 2010.


Troy Davis
Troy Davis faces execution for the murder of a Police Officer despite a strong claim of innocence. 7 out of 9 witnesses have recanted or contradicted their testimony, and no physical evidence links Davis to the crime. The story of Troy Anthony Davis’ case began on August 19, 1989 in a Savannah, Georgia Burger King. Two years later, Troy was convicted and sentenced to death.

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Linda Carty
A UK grandmother on death row in the US had sent out an appeal for help via a plinth in Trafalgar Square. Linda Carty, was convicted in 2002 for killing a woman in the USA as part of a plot to kidnap the victim’s baby, after a trial campaigners say was “catastrophically flawed”. She is now on death row in Texas, the only British woman awaiting execution in George Bush’s home state.

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