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Larry Fedja has been a volunteer with 4WardEverUK since it was set up. He assists with researching information and submitting them for inclusion on the website and other on-line resources developed by 4WardEver and its associate organisations. 4WardEverUK was launched in 2006 by Tippa Naphtali the cousin of Mikey Powell, who died in the custody of West Midlands police, Birmingham, UK in September 2003.

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    Jenny French

    There are clearly still many questions to be asked in this case.

    There are those who would simply brush Byron’s case under the carpet without a full and proper investigation of ALL the facts….

    Surely, that cannot be right?

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    4WardEver UK

    Also see this item: Sign the petition for Byron Case

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    Byron Supporter

    Funny how when you listen to the so called taped confession that you can hardly hear Byron speaking in many parts of the tape. Another part about the tape is that Kelly says she told her friend to leave the room, but don’t hear her say that on tape. Plus you can hear a phone ringing on the tape, which seems to me to lead to tampering. No police were present during the so called taped confession.

    Also how the victim’s father heard a gunshot in the area around 11:30 and says “there goes the neighbourhood my daughter is dead” How the victim’s father was stalking Byron and Kelly, even the detective on the case had to ask him to stop harassing him. Why wasn’t he called to testify???

    There was no gun found, no blood splatter (anyone shot at point blank range, there will be some kind of splatter) no physical evidence at all! According to Kelly when Byron shot her he threw the gun in the trunk, however no evidence was ever found from any car, clothes, or ANYTHING!


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    People should read ‘The Skeptical Juror and The Trial of Byron Case’ and make up their own minds!

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    Frank J

    I can see how this one can be viewed as a wrongful conviction, if one takes every one of Byron Case’s statements as unassailable fact, and if you ignore the evidence that was actually presented in trial, especially the fact that he made a tacit confession.

    I believe this website performs a function that is sadly necessary, as there are many, many wrongful convictions in this country. However, Byron Case’s conviction was not one of them. It was correct and righteous, and it should not be included among legitimate wrongful convictions.

    What does not get mentioned by Case’s supporters is the fact that his alibi was impossible, requiring an impossibly perfect storm, requiring the victim to have taken an unexplainable and lengthy detour uphill through an overgrown gravel road into a dark cemetery, and for a killer to JUST happen to be there, and for the killer to JUST happen to sneak up so close to her that he was right up behind her before she would even notice, and for the killer to JUST want to kill, not talk, not taunt, not rob, not assault in any other way. Her autopsy showed not struggle, indicating no abduction, no fight, no flight, not even an attempt to cover up.

    The other thing that does not get mentioned is the fact that Byron Case made a tacit admission to his ex-girlfriend days before his arrest. While talking very specifically about the police investigation into the murder and making suggestions on how to deflect police questions, he was asked point-blank why he killed his victim; he went silent; he was asked again in direct language “Why did you kill her?” and again he remained silent; when asked a third time, he said “We shouldn’t talk about this,” and then changed the subject. He avoided and then changed the subject after having spoken for several minutes about the investigation, and about how to avoid answering any questions. He told her \just say you don’t remember\, which just happened to be the same thing he told them himself.

    Look at ALL the evidence before deciding. The entire transcript of Case’s trial is online, along with a comprehensive FAQ, and a memorial to his victim.



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