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4WardEverUK was launched in 2006 by Tippa Naphtali the cousin of Mikey Powell, who died in the custody of West Midlands police, Birmingham, UK in September 2003. Its purpose is to provide profiles, news, event details, resources and useful information, appeals, and more in relation to deaths in custody and other injustices. 4WardEver is run entirely by a small volunteer team, and funded from voluntary contributions and donations. We support the call for reform within police, penal and mental health institutions in the UK and internationally.

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    Came across this place on a random drive out about 6 years ago on me own and was instantly intrigued. Happened that on these random drives out trying to get kids to sleep in car lol I always ended up there. One day on my own I drove there parked up and walked just round the corner, I looked up at a window and I physically from nowhere felt sick, I had bad feelings, to get to the point I’m pure non believer of ghosts, seeing the future anything like that, and that place is bad, I still find it utterly intriguing though, think more people should speak up. overandout :-)

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    joseph mills

    I attended St Peters late 1958-1961 with my twin brother and can remember the worst things ever happening there. It’s a disgrace things like that were allowed to happen then as it is now.

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      Hi Joseph,

      I’m a daily express journalist looking into the notion of institutional child abuse that allegedly went on at St. Peter’s over the 50s and 60s. I’m trying to talk to as many former pupils as possible about their experiences. Judging by your comment it would appear you witnessed some terrible things, here’s my email if you want to get in touch: Joanna.della-ragione@express.co.uk.

      Many thanks

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    My Grandad used to work at St. Peters from about 1961. He was the kindest man, and is deeply missed (He passed away in 1990). These allegations are absurd! The only evidence he has is some graffiti on some walls, which could have been written by anyone, you can’t really take that seriously, take that to the police and it’ll be discarded almost immediately. And these people that have been speaking about it, ‘Can’t be named’ surprising that, doesn’t seem like they exist.

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      Clifford Hunt

      I was in Aidan house 1976 to 1979, loved it there and they had to force me out when I turned 16. Never seen any cruelty or bad behaviour by staff.

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    Stan Rattley

    Seems pretty convincing to me!! And as they say… ‘The writing is on the wall’ and in this case it most certainly is – literally.

    Who knows? Maybe all possibilities should be considered!


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    I have watched your video about St Peters School for Boys. I don’t know who you got your information from but he or she is talking a load of b*@#*s. I was at St Peters from 1970-1976 and I loved it. I loved it that much that when asked if I would like to go home after 2 years I refused.


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