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Kushi Amlak-Sakhu has been a volunteer with 4WardEverUK since 2007/2008. He assists with researching information and submitting them for inclusion on the website, and manages other on-line resources developed by 4WardEver and its associate organisations. 4WardEverUK was launched in 2006 by Tippa Naphtali the cousin of Mikey Powell, who died in the custody of West Midlands police, Birmingham, UK in September 2003.

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    Janice Cole

    This is just so wrong… We read 4WardEver often and appreciate the links to news and stories that we may have otherwise never found.
    My understanding of the ethos is that they seek to ‘share’ news and not to ‘thieve’ it.

    Why is it that people would choose to shoot something down that is simply trying to bring information closer to its readers? They should be applauded not threatened.


  2. 2

    Kushi Sakhu

    This guy is an A1 jerk….
    Although he has posted his little re-buff http://onionbagblog.com/2010/01/09/copycats/#content it matters not. We don’t copy we just circulate and share information that our readers may be interested in.

    We are not here to play games with copyshite, just to get the truth out there and show credit to others trying to do the same, a pity he can’t see that!

  3. 1

    Tippa Naphtali

    This was an historic event for the family of Jean who have battled for justice over many years.

    This however was tinged by an aggressive email from Jason Cobbs who threatened ‘action’ against us for copyright because we included an excerpt (with a link) to his piece on onionbagblog.com

    Just seems odd and somewhat unjust that some one who just days ago was celebrating the victory of one affected family was today threatening another with legal/other action simply for highlighting the piece….

    Nevertheless, Justice for Jean and all other affected families.


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