Telegraph angers Powell family

from the Mikey Powell Campaign for Justice
22nd December 2009

An article that has appeared on The Telegraph website has caused upset and anger prompting the family of Mikey, their legal representatives, INQUEST and supporters to complain in their droves.

Legal representatives have written to the news group stating;

“Alasdair Palmer’s article on the Michael Powell inquest (‘The Michael Powell case shows how charges of racism hobble the police’, December 20) was riddled with grave factual inaccuracies, which masked the important issues this case raised, and which has provoked a raft of entirely misconceived, offensive and racist comments on your website as a result”.

Tippa Naphtali, a cousin of Mikey, infuriated by the inaccuracies wrote the following to the editor of the group:

The Michael Powell case shows how charges of racism hobble the police
Published: 19th December 2009

“This article written by Alasdair Palmer is a vile and gross misrepresentation of the facts in this case, and indeed of the findings of the inquest jury. It is little wonder given this fact that so many of your readers have decided to slate the family and their legal representatives in the subsequent comments.

“Your paper, like all others, has a duty to report factually and with reference to proven events and records. Your article has done neither of these”.

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