Pervert Neville Husband featured in new film

Youth in Prison Celloriginally published:
3rd December 2009

Update: Adam Rickwood & The medomsley Heroes

Harrowing stories of abuse suffered at a North East borstal are featured in a new documentary. Pervert prison officer Neville Husband preyed on inmates at the former Medomsley Detention Centre, in County Durham, in the 1970s and 1980’s.

Decades later, two criminal cases were brought against him and he was jailed for 10 years at Newcastle Crown Court. They arose from victims of the married father-of-one finally finding the courage to speak-out about their ordeal.

Last month, we told how a group of former inmates from Medomsley won damages of more than £500,000 after bringing a compensation case against the Home Office, saying more should have been done to protect them.

Now, their stories will be featured in a hard-hitting film set to be released on DVD. The documentary, by London-based company Pie ‘n’ Mash Films, also features the tragic tale of Adam Rickwood, who became the youngest person to die in custody four years ago.

He was being held in the Hassockfield Secure Training Centre, former Medomsley, when he was found hanged and his family have hit out at the way he was treated in the run-up to his death.

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  1. I am trying to trace anyone who was abused by Mr Turner aka Tongie or Mr Peas

  2. Respect Bill Mahoney I myself was a victim off child abuse whilst in the care of the local authorities approve schools, detention centres back in the 70′ and 80′s I became institutionalised

    Excuse my spelling mistakes I’m self taught to read and write

    at the age of 12 I was put into a psychiatric unit put in a straight jacket and put to sleep with an injection, I was put on a drug called amlytriptlin, then shipped out to an approve school castle Howard nr York, where I was strangled until I passed out starving my brain of oxygen, I now have found out I have abnormalities of the temporal lobe (brain damage) which I believe was caused through the starvation of oxygen to my brain, by a male carer at castle Howard approved school,

    I was also in throxenby hall were I had my head repeatedly banged against the metal heating pipes by another male carer, I also was in Medomsley where I was physically abused & sexually abused by Neville Husband

    These are the people the crown deems fit to care for us as children teenagers. I got passed from pillow to post one approved school to another, because I had the gall to try an stand up for myself against these bullies, these were nothing more than terror camps, I’ve had a very violent past, friends killed murdered etc even been accused of murder by the police etc

    I believe my violent ways were bred by those carers entrusted to look after me, I hold my hat off to Bill Mahoney for exposing them respect Bill

    Gypsy Dave

    • @ Gypsy Dave, I was in Castle Howard in the early 80s amongst other places and decided to Google Saint Williams Community home as the police rang me about 2yrs ago asking for info about physical and sexual abuse whilst I was there due to an ongoing enquiry.

      I remembered them calling and just have been shocked by what I discovered so I thought I’d Google search for anything on Castle Howard and it brought me to your post above. I experienced violent abuse but not sexual at both places but mainly at St Williams and it’s good to know that people where prosecuted eventually.

      Looking back as an adult it’s not surprising now I spent years in and out of Young offenders and later jail’ The care system in the 1980s let so many of us down, I hope you are sorted now ok. Be Lucky.

      Link here to Saint Williams case ok. Have a read: