Justice for Jeremiah Duggan

This is a documentary about the death of Jeremiah Duggan, a young English Jewish student who was living in France and who participated in March 2003 in what he believed to be an anti war conference in Germany. It was organized by the Schiller Institute, a front organization for Lyndon LaRouche’s totalitarian cult. It is claimed that Jeremiah died in Germany trying to escape from the Schiller Institute.

Caution: some distressing footage!


For all those who care about the fundamental values of truth, justice and freedom of expression and who abhor hatred and prejudice.

Jeremiah Duggan died in highly suspicious circumstances on the 27th March, 2003 in Wiesbaden, Germany. He was 22 years old. He decided to attend what he thought was an anti-war conference held by the Schiller Institute. This is a front group for the Lyndon LaRouche political organisation.

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