When We Come Together

The following are the words of Tony following a joint event ‘Art & Soul – Voices from Death Row,’ that was held in March 2007

“Often, people from different walks of life cannot see the commonality they share with each other. People will separate themselves for any number of reasons from religion, race, gender, class… Sadly, such separation has found its way into the struggle community.


“Recently an event was held [in the UK] called “Art and Soul:  Voices from Death Row”, which highlighted my fight for Justice and Freedom from Texas’ notorious death row.  Alongside this was highlighted the senseless death of brotha Mikey Powell, who died in police custody [in Birmingham UK].  This event brought all these various voices together showing that we do have a commonality.

“And that yes, we do stand together. When we come together, not only do we show that we support each other’s plight, but also that we empathise with each other’s sorrow, pain and loss.

It has been said that an injustice in one place is an injustice for everyone.  By uniting across the wide spectrum as we have within the struggle community, we show that we will stand against injustice and stand with those of particular struggles against injustice wherever it may be.

The death of Mikey Powell is something that should resonate with everyone in the UK and abroad, regardless of race, class or background.  Here was a brother who was taken into police custody, and given an impromptu death sentence.

“For me personally, this resonates with me, in that I was taken into police custody, and charged with a capital offence which resulted in my being sentenced to death.  Now, while my experience and Mikey Powell’s may not be “exactly” the same, we have both been sentenced to death. But, I am still able to fight to save my life. Sadly, brother Mikey Powell is not here to do the same…  Brother Mikey should not be dead.

“A concerted effort will be made to continue to bring events such as the March 24th Art and Soul event, to more cities there in the UK, and by extension, cities over here in America, and other communities in the world where I have support.  The goal is the same.

“To unite those of us together under a common cause – the need to see Justice done.  No one person, organization or group has exclusive rights over this.  We ALL want to see justice done.  And, when we come together as a collective we strengthen our position to bring about that which we desire – JUSTICE.”


They Got the Wrong Man
Tony Egbuna Ford was the driver for two brothers who went to a house in El-Paso to collect a drug debt in 1991. The brothers forced their way into the property but didn’t find the man they were looking for.

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