Man who died after police restraint ‘covered with injuries’

CCTV Keypadoriginally published: 1st June 2009

The mother of a man with psychiatric problems who was pinned face down to the pavement by three police officers shortly before he died told an inquest today that when she viewed her son’s body his face was covered with injuries.

The inquest into the death of Faisal Al-Ani, 43, from Southend in Essex, was shown a montage of CCTV footage including the moment he was wrestled to the ground by police officers.

Essex police had been responding to a call after Mr Al-Ani was seen acting in an agitated way in the town centre around 9pm on 31 July 2005. The three officers, one of whom was an inspector, had gone to the assistance of three community support officers who saw Al-Ani, a father of six with a history of psychiatric problems, gesturing wildly and acting aggressively towards nearby teenagers.

Police had previously been aware of Mr Al-Ani’s mental health issues and a consultant psychiatrist, Dr Llewellyn Lewis, told the inquest the CCTV footage of his strange behaviour was consistent with previous incidents of drug-induced psychosis possibly related to cannabis use.

The footage showed three officers walking with Al-Ani before forcing him to the ground and kneeling on top of him as he was handcuffed and held face down for several minutes.

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