The case of Eddie Gilfoyle

Eddie Gilfoyle


The case of Eddie Gilfoyle
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In June 1992 Eddie’s wife, Paula Gilfoyle, who was eight and a half months pregnant, committed suicide by hanging herself in the garage of their home in Upton, Wirral.

Despite the fact that a suicide letter was found, written by Paula herself, her family and friends were not satisfied that Paula would have committed suicide and gossip turned to rumour and rumour turned to suspicion. Four months later the Merseyside Police charged Eddie Gilfoyle with her murder and he was convicted at Liverpool Crown Court in July 1993. His family and supporters have gathered compelling evidence – never seen by the trial jury – that Paula was not killed but committed suicide.

Eddie and his supporters believe that the Merseyside Police suppressed vital alibi evidence and they question the mysterious appearance of a so called ‘practice rope’ in the drawer of the garage which was not found during a previous search by a specialist police search team. The prosecution told the jury at the trial that this second rope was the one that Eddie had been using to practice making nooses to later use to kill his wife.

The Lancashire Police were called in after the trial. They re-investigated the case and also questioned the mysterious appearance of the ‘practice rope.’ After a lengthy re-investigation, the Lancashire Police could not find any evidence of a crime and were driven to conclude that Paula Gilfoyle committed suicide. Their findings revealed that the Merseyside Police had suppressed the evidence of a witness who saw Paula alive and well several hours after the Crown had alleged that Eddie had killed her.

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