The Leeds prisoner was ‘treated worse than a dog’

Mohammed Mudhiroriginally published:
27th March 2009

A vulnerable model prisoner whose treatment in Armley jail was described as “monstrous” killed himself in his cell.

The man, a remand prisoner with no criminal record, was treated ‘worse than a dog’ by prison staff in the days before his death it was alleged at an inquest. A jury ruled that systemic failures, a culture of complacency and lack of training were among serious failings leading up to Mohammed Mudhir’s death.

The 25-year-old, from Cookridge, hanged himself from a bunk bed in his cell on a segregation unit where staff failed to note his serious mental breakdown. The hearing was played distressing CCTV footage in which Mr Mudhir could be seen drinking out of the toilet, praying incessantly and pacing his cell in circles.

During 18 hours in isolation his cell door was opened just once, when an officer spoke to him for less than 90 seconds.

After the hearing West Yorkshire Coroner David Hinchliff said he would ask the Chief Inspector of Prisons to recommend all staff at the jail – including those at governor grade – undergo retraining. Mr Mudhir’s mother, Ghada Darwood, said: “I am speechless. Despite the unexpected death of my son he still lives in the consciousness of those who knew him.

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  1. It’s appalling and inhumane how he was treated, and my sympathies are with his family, no one should be treated that way and people should be held responsible for this and lose their jobs if necessary and this shouldn’t be allowed to happen again, but suspect it goes on all the time.

  2. Another shocking acount of failure by the state in it’s duty of care for a vulnerable prisoner, those implicated in Mr Mudhir’s death should be prosecuted and not retrained – this vulnerable man’s death gives further evidence that the system has no shame and is utterly contemptible.
    My sincere sympathy’s with Mr Mudhir’s family at this time.