Police failing us still – Doreen Lawrence

Doreen Lawrence speaks
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The mother of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence has said police are still failing the families of black murder victims, 10 years after a landmark report blamed institutional racism within Scotland Yard for helping her son’s killers escape justice.

Doreen Lawrence accused the police of giving black Britons a second-rate service and said the country has still not stamped out racial injustice.

She spoke to the Guardian to mark next week’s anniversary of the publication of the Macpherson report, which blamed “professional incompetence, institutional racism and a failure of leadership” for the blunders in the investigation of her son’s racist murder.

Although she believes there have been positive changes in Britain, she said the mothers of other murder victims have sought her advice after feeling they too had been failed by the police.

“Some mothers say they don’t feel as if they’ve been treated in the same way [as white victims’ families]. Families are out there still feeling the same way I did when Stephen was killed,” she said.

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