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Thanks to our dedicated volunteer team and input from other parties, we have added new case profiles to the website.

Our broad purpose is to provide a one-stop-resource for profiles, news, and event details, useful information, appeals, and more in relation to deaths and abuse whilst in custody; including the death penalty, other injustices and human rights abuses in the UK and internationally.

Please Note: Not all cases listed here occurred recently. We are continuously adding to profiles featured on this website.

colinroach2_editedColin Roach
Colin, aged 21 years, died in January 1983 after receiving a fatal gunshot wound while in the custody of Stoke Newington police station, London. He is alleged by the police to have shot himself in the mouth. Authorities alleged that he had committed suicide after entering the Stoke Newington Police Station. Many believed that there was reason to doubt this story and instead argued that Roach was murdered by police.


the-tipton-threeThe Tipton Three
Three Midland men who were held captive by the US for more than two years have accused America and Britain of a catalogue of abuse. The men, all in their 20s, claim they were beaten, shackled and deprived of sleep during their detention in Afghanistan and at a US camp in Cuba, the American detention camp that has been vigorously condemned by notable public figures, law lords and the Court of Appeal as a ‘legal black hole’.


cynthia-jarrett-funeralCynthia Jarrett
On 5th October 1985 four police officers went to search the home of Mrs Cynthia Jarrett, near the Broadwater Farm housing estate in Tottenham. Mrs Jarrett’s son Floyd was in custody at Tottenham police station having given a false name when found in a car with an inaccurately made out tax disc. The visit caused panic among some of the occupants, and in the furore Jarrett’s mother, Mrs Cynthia Jarrett, collapsed.  She was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

ruth-ellisRuth Ellis
The last woman to be hanged in Britain was innocent of murder and should be given a pardon following new evidence, it has been claimed. Author Monica Weller says her new findings cast serious doubts over the guilt of Ruth Ellis. Her famous “crime of passion” was recaptured 30 years later in the film “Dance with a Stranger” in which Miranda Richardson gave an excellent portrayal of this volatile and emotional woman. Sadly, the film only told half the story and gave no coverage of the trial and her behaviour at it or her evidence in answer to the questions put to her.


larry-davis1Larry Davis
In 1986, the NYPD attempted to kill Larry Davis when serving a search warrant at a Bronx apartment. He was shot in the head at point blank range, but the bullet did not penetrate his head, and after he fell to the floor from the impact of the blast, he returned fire and shot 6 NYPD officers and escaped out a window. After an 17-day manhunt, Davis turned himself into the FBI in exchange for their guarantee to investigate the NYPD`s involvement in drug deals, that he was forced to participate in as a teenager.


robert-dziekanski1Robert Dziekanski
Robert Dziekanski, a 41 year old Polish immigrant, died moments after being tasered five times in a holding area at Vancouver International Airport on 17th October 2007. Police and witnesses conflicted regarding their recollection of the number of jolts Robert is alleged to have received. Revulsion, anger, sadness and support greeted the release of a controversial video showing Robert Dziekanski’s confrontation with RCMP police officers at Vancouver International Airport, an encounter that ended in his death.


the-ponce-massacreThe Ponce Massacre
The Ponce Massacre, which took place on March 21, 1937, was one of the most violent episodes in the history of the twentieth century in Puerto Rico. It was called a massacre by the very commission that studied the facts. On that date, the Partido Nacionalista (Nationalist Party) organised a march in the streets of the City of Ponce to protest the jailing of its leaders. The activity was announced in El Mundo newspaper on March 19, indicating that the meeting of the Nationalists in Ponce and adjacent areas would be at 2 pm in front of the Nationalist Party Headquarters in Ponce.

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