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Martina Davis-Correia“I am Troy Davis”

posted by: Alison Leslie
published: 18th December 2011
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Since the execution of Troy Davis in Georgia on Sept. 21, people have asked me why his case garnered such worldwide attention. With seven of nine witnesses recanting their testimony and no physical evidence connecting him to the murder of Officer Mark Allen MacPhail, the obvious answer is that far too much doubt existed in the minds of far too many people to move forward with an execution.

Yet, there are other death penalty cases across the country that lack physical evidence and rely on the testimony of unreliable witnesses. So what about Troy Davis’ case rallied people worldwide? For me, the answer lies not in what made the difference but in who made the difference: Martina Davis Correia, Troy’s sister.

For 22 years, Martina struggled to make sure the world knew her brother’s story. She led an international campaign, partnering with Amnesty International and the NAACP, to save her brother’s life and prove his innocence. For her tireless efforts, the Southern Center for Human Rights recognized Martina in 2009 with the prestigious Frederick Douglass Human Rights Award.

Full Article: Troy Davis’ sister long fought the inhumanity of executions
26th August 2006, The Tennessian

Troy Davis is dead – snuffed out by the American judicial system. Why?

According to President Jimmy Carter, who described the killing as “unjust and outdated,” the reasons behind the execution of Davis are a tragedy.

Carter hopes this tragedy “will spur us as a nation toward the total rejection of capital punishment.

Davis, who was executed by lethal injection on September 21, 2011, had been on death row since 1989 for a crime he consistently said he did not commit. Davis had even gone so far as to request he be given a polygraph test to prove his innocence, but the court would not permit that as evidence, nor would they grant him a new trial, even in light of the fact that, in the United States, since 1973, more than 130 people have been exonerated from death row because further evidence, including DNA testing, found them to be innocent.

Is this logical? And if not, how can it be considered fair?

President Obama has chosen to remain silent on the death penalty question, making no comment on the Davis decision. Yet for decades, advocates around the world have been pressing America to swear off the death penalty forever.

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