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Their Memory Lingers On Pt2

Gaza Bombings

Some were then searched and not given records of their search which officers must give. The mainstream press, including the BBC and all the major broadsheet newspapers did not report on what actually happened.

Though the press seems adept at reporting injuries sustained by three police officers it left out the public. Many had also witnessed the violent conduct of the police.

The type of tactics used over the last couple of weeks has been utterly appalling. The Met should be brought to account in some way, particularly over the use of Section 60’s and Section 14 declarations made outside the Israeli embassy. Pushing kids as young as eleven against shop windows, taking their details and reacting aggressively to legal observers attempting to see whether they [were] alright is unacceptable.

One legal observer was subject to abuse by a police medic. The observer has a muscle condition that is deabilitating that makes it difficult for him to walk. The police medic reacted so aggressively towards him, coming right in to his face that the observer could not walk back in time and nearly fell over.

Two things immediately come to mind: firstly a referral to the Health and Safety Executive, and secondly a call for an IPCC inquiry.

The reporters either missed the demonstrators that got caught up in violence or simply chose not to report on them. Unfortunately it seems to be the latter. One young man had suffered a blow from a police baton that was struck with such force he had a gash at the back of his head.

One had been hit around the head with a baton and was dizzy when I met him. He was using his white Palestinian scarf as a bandage that had gone red from absorbing the blood. Even worse was his friend had also been hurt who he had lost. It very nearly could have been fatal, like the case of Blair Peach who died from being hit by a lead filled cosh on an anti racist demonstration in 1979.

So far 1300 Palestinians [have been] killed by Israel including 417 children [and] 108 women, 5320 injured. This statistic is by no means exhaustive of the actual death toll as much rubble has not been looked through yet and many deaths have gone unreported. The human cost has been catstrophic. Architecturraly, mosques, schools, and homes have been destroyed. Yet these can be rebuilt with time, what speaks louder is the dead. Their memory lingers on.


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