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Darrell Lomax (Cont’d)

My public defender made no effort to preserve the eyewitness that motioned to exonerate me, contact other witnesses who could have verified my whereabouts, nor bring forth the information regarding the numerous favours offered to the “manufactured” witness. These errors caused irreparable damage to my defense.

Upon conclusion of the investigation the Public Defenders Office was dismissed; the conflict was regarded as egrious. The public defenders replacement, a private counsel hired by the Court, went to trial unprepared.

During the trial no physical evidence pointed toward me. The alleged murder weapon had prints; but not mine. There was a footprint on a bag inside the crime scene which was not mine. I was ordered to participate in a field identification line-up and a gun residue test; both resulting in the negative. There was an eyewitness that not only exonerated me, but identified the shooter.

My case if full of inconsistencies and a prime example of a prosecutors over zealousness to present a conviction for a horrific crime. I have been condemned for death for something I did not do. I am indigent and I need help. If you can provide any kind of assistance to me; know of anyone who may, or have any referrals please contact me at the address above. Thank you for your time.


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The case of Darrell Lomax
date unknown

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