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Jean Charles de Menezes (Cont’d)

Papers from the probe into Jean Charles’ death, were leaked to ITV, and suggested that he had been restrained before being shot eight times. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has said it will not comment on its investigation.

The documents, including witness statements, also suggest Jean Charles did not hurdle the barrier at Stockwell tube station and was not wearing a padded jacket that could have concealed a bomb, as eyewitness reports previously suggested. The family of Jean and supporters have repeatedly called for a public inquiry into his death.

Speaking from her home in the village of Corrego dos Ratos, north of Rio De Janeiro, mother Maria De Menezes, told a national newspaper: “I still can’t believe my son will never walk through our door again. “He went to Europe to work and save money. He was a good boy. Never in trouble. “We hear about al-Qaeda and it all seems so far away.” His cousin Alex Perieria, 28, confirmed the family were considering suing the Met.

Writing in the Guardian (Saturday 23rd July 2005), Osama Saeed of the Muslim Association of Britain says, “I’ve found it strange that many Muslim leaders have offered to look deep within our community now. It’s a tacit admission of negligence that I simply do not accept. The prime minister has of course welcomed this attitude.

Indeed he has led from the front, ratcheting up the rhetoric against Muslims, laying the responsibility solely on us. …By putting the onus on Muslims to defeat terror, the prime minister absolves himself of responsibility.”

Despite expressing regret for the death of Jean de Menezes, Metropolitan police Chief Sir Ian Blair had stated “somebody else could be shot.” Mysteriously, he adds that “everything is done to make it right”. He must understand that nothing can make this sort of killing right. It’s his job to make sure that his officers don’t assassinate members of the public. If he can’t do it, he should resign.


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