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Jason Pearce (Cont’d)

“Crucially, the inquest heard ‘hearsay’ evidence that is contradicted by the ACEP.

“The American and Canadian authorities are far more advanced in dealing with excited delirium, indeed the Institute for Prevention of In-Custody Deaths (IPICD) and the organisation for excited delirium provide detailed forensic, pathological and law enforcement guidelines advising excited delirium is a medical emergency.

“The IPICD provide details of medical assistance, inclusive of medication, that can save lives.

“American and Canadian experts argue that restraint is a major contributory factor and that containment is preferable further advising that excited delirium is not a police issue but a medical emergency requiring police support.

“As a family, we are unable to prove that different action by West Mercia Police would have saved Jason’s life but neither, we believe, can anyone actually prove differently.

“Regrettably, in our view, it will take further deaths in police custody and potentially the death of a high profile or celebrity family member in order for UK authorities to deal properly with this matter.

“We believe that there must be a Home Office committee involving police and medical authorities to investigate the potential of this condition, a view supported by the Police Federation and we will be campaigning our local MP.

“However, the family now wishes to move on and be allowed to properly grieve, a process that has not been possible for over 12 months.”


Follow-up News:

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