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Jimmy Mubenga (Cont’d)

A recently published report by the Institute of Race Relations, “Driven to Desperate Measures: 2006-2010”, catalogues the deaths of 77 asylum seekers and migrants over the last five years, which is attributed to direct or indirect racism resulting from government immigration policies.

Of the 77 they note, “44 died as an indirect consequence of the iniquities of the immigration/asylum system—by taking their own lives when claims were not allowed, by meeting accidental deaths evading deportation or during the deportation itself (Jimmy Mubenga), by being prevented medical care, by becoming destitute in the UK”.


Follow-up News:

Jimmy Mubenga: three G4S guards to be charged with manslaughter
20 March 2014

Jimmy Mubenga’s family urges CPS to make decision about criminal charges
24 February 2014

Could Jimmy Mubenga’s death have been prevented
13 February 2014

Jimmy Mubenga: Heathrow deportee ‘unlawfully killed’
9 July 2013

G4S guard in dead deportee case shared racist jokes
15 May 2013

Jimmy Mubenga death: G4S guards will not face charges
17 July 2012

Justice for Jimmy Mubenga
9 December 2010

Jimmy Mubenga family call for inquiry into deportation system
1November 2010

In memory of Jimmy Mubenga
30 October 2010

Witness video shows ‘deportee in apparent distress’ on flight to Kenya
22 October 2010

Security guards accused over death of man being deported to Angola
14 October 2010

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