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Binyam Mohamed (Cont’d)

Binyam Mohamed

After this long battle with the US authorities, Binyam Mohamed was released from Guantánamo Bay arriving in Britain on Monday 23rd February 2009. He was met by a doctor and his lawyers, Clive Stafford Smith and Gareth Pierce, together with family and friends who took him to a quiet place to recover from his ordeal.

Binyam’s sister Zuhra, who travelled to London to meet him, said: “I am so glad and so happy, more than words can express. I am so thankful for everything that was done for Binyam to make this day come true.”

In May 2009, Binyam sued the British government for refusing to produce evidence which, his lawyers contend, would demonstrate that he was tortured for 27 months by or on behalf of US forces in Morocco and Afghanistan, that any ‘evidence’ against him was only obtained through torture, and that the British government and intelligence services knew about his torture and provided personal information about him that was used by the Americans’ proxy torturers in Morocco.

When Binyam was reunited with his sister Zuhra Mohamed, she burst into tears as she hugged her brother for the first time in 10 years.

Speaking from a secret location, she told reporters; “It was crazy. You don’t expect these things to happen. “I saw my brother, I hugged him and I cried. I could not control myself. It’s hard not seeing a person for 10 years and then seeing my brother. I still can’t believe he’s here. “I was overjoyed and thankful to everybody.”


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