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New Website Features

In March 2013 the 4WardEver UK website underwent its most comprehensive upgrade since its first launch in 2006.

This redevelopment was made possible by generous donations of resources and designers offered from our partner First Stop Web Design.


So what’s new on 4WardEver UK?

The new website has a number of major improvements and new  interactive facilities which include:

Visual and Text Layout
Our page-view layouts are a lot clearer helping visitors to preview news related to the primary articles and pages on display. Improved archive section and search facilities are included, as well as a comprehensive site map page coming soon.

See more from home!
Our new home page has more of our content visible to visitors helping you to find what you are looking for easier. See the defined news category areas, translation panel, latest video and remembrance calendar all in one place.

Easier Navigation
Getting around the site and finding content from our vast resources is made much easier using our main menus and intelligent search system and recent posts and comments displays. With the new enhanced social network tools you can share our content quickly and easily via Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, Linkedin and many other platforms.

Improved Media Elements
We have incorporated new picture and video galleries directly into the website streamed from Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube and other online platforms.

Integrated e-Newsletter
We post broad areas of news consistent with our purpose in our regular bulletins and e-Updates. We will be further developing the system as time goes on, and we hope that our subscribers find the content of our newsletter useful and informative.

UR Shout
In our new ‘UR Shout area‘ readers can now become ‘Volunteer Writers‘ for 4WardEver helping to build up our case files. Get involved in the UFFC forum, see what other members are posting and give your feedback on our website.

We have taken all steps within our means to ensure the new website broadly complies with W3C standards and with The Equality Act ensuring that people with disabilities will be able to use the site and have the same access to content and resources as any other visitors. This is an area of ongoing development that 4WardEver UK will be committed to indefinitely.

You can also follow us via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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