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George Zimmerman police found shooter’s account to be ‘inconsistent’

originally by: The Guardian
published: 26 June 2012

Detectives were sceptical of George Zimmerman’s account of his shooting of the Florida teenager Trayvon Martin when they interviewed him shortly after the fatal encounter, documents released by prosecutors on Tuesday reveal.

But although they found several inconsistencies in Zimmerman’s explanations, they felt they could not be “corroborated or refuted by independent witnesses”, leading to the release of the neighbourhood watch leader without charge.

The new revelations come in a police report filed by Sanford police department detective Chris Serino on 26 February, the night the unarmed Martin, 17, was killed. The episode prompted weeks of public protests.

Zimmerman, who was charged six weeks later with second-degree murder after the appointment of a special prosecutor, insisted he acted in self-defence because he said Martin had confronted him.

Zimmerman also told investigators that he had sought to avoid a confrontation because he claimed he was “afraid” of Martin.

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