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Kushi Amlak-Sakhu

Kushi Amlak-Sakhu has been a volunteer with 4WardEver UK since 2007/2008. He assists with researching information and submitting them for inclusion on the website, and manages other on-line resources developed by 4WardEver and its associate organisations. 4WardEver UK was launched in 2006 by Tippa Naphtali the cousin of Mikey Powell, who died in the custody of West Midlands police, Birmingham, UK in September 2003.

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    Susan Alexander on Facebook

    If protesters keep there wits about them and know what theyre doing is right, after all we are all in the world together…then they have nothing to fear. “snooping” is the new CCTV, camera, eye, informer, whatever you want to call it. Never talk to strangers, then at least you will stand a chance. You just never know who the next person is. OMG, now i`m beginning to sound paranoid. Anyway this is a serious issue Naphtali. Thanks for the info.


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