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Tribute Feature: Doreen Lawrence

“A mother with a mission”

Remembrance and tribute articles are added to the 4WardEver website as often as possible. They will chart some of the heroes and sheroes of our times, and cases of significance that have shaped society’s development, history and judiciary.

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For the family of Doreen Lawrence, the pain and challenges in dealing with the loss of her son Stephen in April 1993 continue, and change. They permeate even the imagination of her granddaughter Mia, aged seven, who was born years after his murder.

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Mia has a child’s intense curiosity about “Uncle Stephen”, whom she knows only from photographs. Lawrence said: “She was asking me [the other day] if Stephen was an angel. I’m not sure how to answer that. How does she see what an angel is?”

During the recent court case that finally saw two people convicted of Stephen’s murder in April 1993, the adults in the Lawrence family had to be careful what they said about the case in front of Mia, and protected her innocence by hiding the fact they were going to court.

Lawrence said one decision she and Mia’s parents would have to make was when and how to tell her about the circumstances of her uncle’s violent death at the hands of a gang fuelled by racial hatred.

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